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  • Faiths - Strategy Game  v.1.0A turn-based strategy game where ten nations of differing beliefs clash and aid one another through conquest and conversion. When complete, it will boast an adaptive storyline and many different character classes and abilities.
  • Farmer 2: Strategy game  v.1.0Farmer 2 :Strategy game is new game of the farmer story.
  • King of Kings Web-base Strategy Game  v.1.0King of Kings is a web-base strategy game, it allow players to create own area, mob, quests... etc. , and build own Kingdom. we will use pure-PHP tools to develop the game engine system. (PHP SocketServer + Apache with PHP + MySQL).
  • Open Strategy Game Architecture  v.1.0Open Strategy Game Architecture is a framework for game creation.
  • Splork - Turn-based space strategy game  v.1.0A turn-based strategy game based in space, written in Java, using the Ozone OODB for storage and XML for transfer of turn reports and orders.
  • Turn Based Space Strategy Game  v.1.0Tbssg (Turn Based Space Strategy Game) is a campaign based game in the spirit of the total war games, with a hex based battle system. Some of the influences are steel panthers, masters of orion, rome: total war, and a few others.
  • Turn based strategy game  v.1.0GRomSeaBattle is a turn based strategy game for Linux/Gnome written in Pascal(FPC) ...
  • Generic Multiplayer Online RP System  v.1.0The Generic Multiplayer Online Role Playing System is to be a generic multiplayer online RPG engine modeled after NWN. Allowing you to create any RPG world you can imagine. Fantasy, Scifi, Horror, etc. May we walk in dreams.
  • Online RPG Game System  v.1.0Online RPG Game System for creating, hosting and playing custom worlds.
  • Arena the Online Card Game  v.1.0Arena the Online Card Game.A card battling game played against other users on the server. Has its own rule set and is all original, but based on anime, role playing games, and other CCGs, but is all online.
  • WOF - an online word game  v.1.0WOF is a simulator that allows you to host, play, or even design an online word game similar to the TV game show "Wheel of Fortune", within an IRC channel.
  • 3D Multiplayer Car Racing Game  v.1.0This is simple 3D multiplayer car racing game that i wrote for one of my assignments for distributed systems subject at University of Melbourne which was the best distributed systems project in second semester of 2008.(Java, JOGL, TCP Socket) ...
  • Online Video Game Rental  v.1.0213Game Rental Depot Toolbar, Use this with Internet Explorer, It features a hard rock radio station, where you can hear the latest hard rock ...
  • Royal Flush Online Card Game  v.2.0A fast-paced game of skill in which Poker meets Solitaire. Use raises to score extra points, and fold hands you dont want. Can you create all nine poker hands? Incredibly fun, incredibly exciting, and incredibly addictive! Play against others online ...
  • Php strategy game engine  v.1.0This is an engine for creating a php browser game, like ikariam, travian and ogame. Whit mysql database!!! It supports ikariam and travian. The project include World Of Magic strategy ...
  • Web based multiplayer strategy game  v.0.1.0Web based application to host multiplayer strategy/role playing game. The administrator can create multiple games/worlds in an only server and the users can choose which games to play (once ...
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